Former LSU hero returns to Superdome to face Saints

LSU fans cheering on the Saints Friday night will see a familiar face on the field, although they’ll have to adjust to his black and silver uniform, instead of purple and gold.

Although first string quarterbacks don’t usually play much in the second game of the preseason, Raiders quarterback Matt Flynn will soak up every moment inside the Superdome, as he tries to both solidify his future and enjoy a trip down memory lane.

This is the stadium where Flynn led LSU to a BCS national championship against Ohio State in January of 2008 by throwing four touchdowns, completing 70 percent of his pass attempts and earning offensive MVP honors.

Flynn was traded to Oakland from Seattle after the Seahawks decided to stake the team’s future on Russell Wilson. Now, Flynn is hoping he can repeat his collegiate success with the Raiders.

“I think the team right now has been starting to come together. We’re building that chemistry, that trust factor with each other,” Flynn said. “It’s just been a good experience so far. I feel like just coming in here and trying to help the guys. There’s so many young guys, I’m trying to help them understand the game of football. I’ve been in places with great passing games and winning teams and have seen the way it’s supposed to be done. I’m trying to bring that here and teach these guys the game of football.”

Flynn has played in the Superdome one other time in his pro career. In 2008, he took the final snap in the Packers blowout loss to the Saints in his rookie season.