Former K-State guard Koehn unbelievable shooting 3s

You think you could play, huh? Well here’s how hard it is to score in a college basketball game, a women’s college basketball game:

The shooter in that video is Laurie Koehn, who played at Kansas State several years ago. Koehn, granted, is one of the best shooters ever. She set Kansas State’s record for career 3-pointers and went on to play in the WNBA. But her best year at Kansas State, she shot 42 percent from the 3-point line.

And there she is going 132-for-135 (97.7 percent) in five minutes.

Koehn, who is from a little Kansas town called Moundridge, became famous around the state for her scoring exploits in high school. She averaged 37 points per game as a senior and 30 points over her four-year career. She was a 44.7 percent 3-point shooter in high school.

She became famous, though, for her pathological training routines. She shot so many jumpers she got stress fractures from it. She shot so many jumpers her coach made her schedule a day off every week. Naturally, that got a little boring, so, as Koehn told Yahoo!, she created little games for herself, and this five-minute test was one of them. It is not unusual for her to hit 100 3s in a row.

“Someone like me, I’m limited by natural ability and athleticism, so shooting is my niche,” Koehn told Yahoo!. “I want to make sure I give my all to this game because it’s my passion.”