Former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson on being in Ring of Honor

Former Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson and current owner/general manager Jerry Jones didn’t quite see eye-to-eye in their final days together in Dallas. The two have since reconciled, and according to Johnson in an interview with FOX Sports Southwest, Jones is ready give the coach that led the team to two-straight Super Bowl wins in 1992 and 1993 his place in the Ring of Honor at AT&T Stadium.

"Jerry told me three years ago he was going to put me in the Ring of Honor," Johnson said.  "I think it’s great for players and it’s a really a great honor for those players, but for coaches, really, we have done our work, you can see the records, and so that accomplishment is satisfying enough, I’m not real big on accolades."

While Johnson doesn’t seem to mind not seeing his name honored at the Cowboys’ home stadium alongside other greats such as Tom Landry or Tex Schramm, it would be good for him to be remembered by fans for leading Dallas to two of the team’s five championships.

"Football is such a team sport, so no one individual does it," Johnson said. "No one coach or no one assistant coach or no one player, it’s a great team sport, so I don’t get carried away with a bunch of accolades."