Former Cowboy Murray gets rude reception in return to Dallas for UFC

After four seasons with the Dallas Cowboys, RB DeMarco Murray signed a deal with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Kirby Lee/Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If former Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray was wondering how he would be received upon his return to Dallas after signing with the Philadelphia Eagles this week, he got his answer on Saturday night.

Murray attended the UFC 185 event in Dallas at the American Airlines Center Saturday night, arriving with an entourage that included Cowboys Hall of Famer Michael Irvin that got the entire crowd’s attention.

And that’s when it started. 

As Irvin was shown on the video screen after the first round of the fight between Ross Pearson and Sam Stout, the crowd cheered for the receiver before going into a loud "Eagles Suck" chant.

But things then went to the next level.  

After the first fight on the UFC 185 pay-per-view ended, Murray himself went on the screen … and the reaction was deafening.

The fans then continued the "Eagles Suck" chants in between rounds of the next fight.

Is it football season yet?