Former All-American: ‘Basset hound’ better than Golloway

Former Oklahoma All-American Joe Simpson said he was happy to have Sunny Golloway out the door at Oklahoma, according to The Oklahoman.

Simpson, who has worked as a broadcaster for the Atlanta Braves the past two decades told The Oklahoman, “They could hire a basset hound and it would be an improvement.”

Golloway left OU last week for the job at Auburn. He was at OU eight seasons and led the Sooners to the Big 12 tournament title this season and a trip to the Super Regional where they lost to LSU.

Simpson wasn’t the only one not pleased with Golloway. Pitcher Dillon Overton, who won nine games this year for OU, Tweeted earlier this week that Golloway wasn’t genuine and never “had any of our backs.”

Golloway told The Oklahoman he was feeling hurt after some of the comments, some of which were echoed by other players, including former Sooner catcher Jake Smith.

Simpson told The Oklahoman many former Sooners were not welcomed back to the program under Golloway.

The Sooners have not picked a new coach yet.