Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury hangs out with Floyd Mayweather

Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury can fight his "Hollywood" image all he wants.

But then he posts images like the one he did Tuesday night and people are right back on the pretty-boy wagon.

A year ago, he was hanging out with Mike Tyson at the Preakness, but it was another, more flashy boxer that Kingsbury was hanging out with Tuesday.

Before last season, Kingsbury talked with FOX Sports Bruce Feldman about his image.

"You just got to have fun with it," he said. "I think right now that we’re trying to get as much exposure for Texas Tech as we can and so there’s a lot of things that we do that are calculated. We’re trying to get our name out there and until the wins catch up with that, we’re going to keep doing it ’cause I think Texas Tech is an incredible place. We want recruits to see it. We want the world to see what we’re all about and eventually the wins will come."

Is hanging out with Mayweather a calculated move? Probably not, but who says a college football coach shouldn’t have any fun?

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