Florida guard is no fan of the Cowboys, but likes their stadium

Florida Gators head coach Billy Donovan and son guard Billy Donovan (left) during practice before the semifinals of the Final Four.

ARLINGTON, Texas — Florida guard Billy Donovan is a big fan of AT&T Stadium, but no fan of the team that plays there most often.

Donovan, the son of the Gators coach with the same name, wasn’t on the team last year when Florida played in a regional at what was then called Cowboys Stadium.

While admitting he’s awestruck by the Dallas Cowboys’ home, he still no fan of the team.

"As soon as I walked out on the court for practice, I was blown away," Donovan said Friday during Final Four interviews. "I am a Giants fan, too, and we don’t really like the Cowboys too much. Just to see what they have done here is unbelievable and it is an awesome experience."

Maybe if the Gators win the national title, Donovan will sign his name on a locker room wall the way Giants quarterback Eli Manning did after beating the Cowboys in the first NFL game in the stadium.

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