Fan makes spectacular catch with child in tow

Child in one hand … baseball cap in another.

Foul ball coming your way.

What to do … what to do?

You make the catch, of course!

That’s what this Detroit Tigers fan did Thursday night during their game against the Detroit Tigers.

We can call him a Tigers fan because it was a Tigers hat he caught the ball in.

During the top of the 13th inning, Tigers catcher Brayan Pena hit a looping foul ball that dropped in foul territory halfway between first base and right field.

The ball bounced a flew up into the stands, heading directly toward a fan who was standing by himself, holding an infant in his left arm and his baseball cap in his right hand.

As the ball flew over his head, the fan stretched his right arm and caught the foul ball in his baseball cap.

No child appeared to be injured in the catching of this foul ball.

The crowd cheered the catch and the child presumably has a cool Tigers’ souvenir for the rest of his life.