Ex-Texas Tech WR Wes Welker commits recruiting violation?

Someone needs to teach Wes Welker how to direct message.

Because, based on the tweets he sent out this weekend publicly to community college wide receiver Nick Kurtz, it could get him in some hot water with the NCAA.

The former Texas Tech receiver has made news this week for a series of tweets he sent Kurtz.

As an alumnus of the school, Welker is not allowed to speak to potential recruits. That also includes tweeting.

But, the NCAA has not made a comment about any potential penalties.

Welker, who plays for the Denver Broncos, did make some enemies with nearby BYU fans though, after tweeting a comment about their lack of wide receiver history after Kurtz said he was in Provo, Utah for a campus visit.

For those wondering…Welker did the research for all of us.