Ex-slugger Canseco denies sexual assault allegations

FORT WORTH, Texas — Former Major League Baseball star Jose Canseco showed up to play independent ball on Thursday, one day after sexual assault allegations against him went public.
And while Canseco’s representative urged Canseco not to comment, he did so in a stunning fashion.
“I’ll comment on that,” Canseco said. “I think you guys have to realize one thing — I don’t have to rape a woman. I think it’s ridiculous. We’re putting together polygraph examinations and trust in me, the truth will always come out. And when I do these polygraphs, it’s almost laughable for an individual to say I raped them and drugged them at the same time.”
Canseco said that people who know the 48-year-old former slugger and admitted steroid user know he’s not capable of sexual assault.
“You guys don’t know me at all but my close friends, my ex-wives, my ex-girlfriends will testify on my behalf that the way the media’s portrayed me, and the way they’re trying to portray me here it’s not even close to being me,” Canseco said.
The charges against Canseco in Las Vegas became public Wednesday. No arrests were made and Las Vegas police said no charges were filed against Canseco.
Canseco took to Twitter in wake of the allegations, saying police had left his house. He also posted the name and workplace of the accuser. Some of that information was later removed.

Canseco had no regrets about taking to social media to deny the accusations.
“I think you guys are entitled to the truth,” he said. “Those fans are entitled to the truth. The police are entitled to the truth. Why hide the truth? If you have nothing to hide, why hide from it? If you were telling the truth, wouldn’t you polygraph on it? If you were lying, you would not polygraph.”