Ex-NFL player Travis Johnson: Romo is a loser

Former NFL defensive end Travis Johnson says Tony Romo is a thief who is killing the Dallas Cowboys franchise.

Johnson, who played six seasons with the Houston Texans and San Diego Chargers between 2005-2010, also says that his former teammate, Matt Schaub, is capable of leading the Texans to the Super Bowl, something he says Romo is incapable of.

“When Tony Romo got to Dallas he had everything around him and is a loser,” Johnson said on a recent CSN Houston sports show. “Tony Romo was given everything he has gotten… At one time, he had five Pro Bowlers on the offensive line… They have no passing game, so nobody’s worried about the run.”

Johnson, a former first-round pick out of Florida State, specifically mentioned Leonard Davis, Flozell Adams and Andre Gurode, the three Cowboys offensive linemen to be named to the Pro Bowl while protecting Romo.

In March, Romo signed a six-year contract extension that could pay him up to $108 million. Johnson said Romo “has not earned a dollar he’s been given in this league.”

When the discussion turned to Schaub, a quarterback who like Romo, has only one playoff victory in his career, Johnson said his former teammate can take an NFL team to levels Romo cannot.

“Matt Schaub will get the job done,” Johnson said. “I believe in him. I played with him and I’ve played against him. He can take this team to a Super Bowl. Can he win a Super Bowl? I don’t know. It’s a whole different ballgame once you get there. But he can take this team to a Super Bowl.”

Then Johnson took things to another level.

“Tony Romo is not that guy. He is a thief,” Johnson said. “They need to bring him up on federal charges right now. He don’t even have a ski mask on. I’ll tell you right now, if a man robs you with no ski mask on, he’s going to kill you. That’s exactly what he’s doing, he’s killing the franchise. He’s not worried about witnesses at all. He’s killing the franchise right now. There’s 75,000 witnesses and nobody’s going to testify against him.”