Elvis Andrus continues to be a pest to Adrian Beltre

Elvis Andrus continues to play the instigator role in the ongoing back-and-forth with fellow teammate Adrian Beltre.

Andrus, it seems, struck first. Cameras captured the short stop playfully touching Beltre’s head, which, obviously, he is not a fan.

Then he got his skipper Ron Washington in on the prank.

Then he playfully tries to interfere in a routine popup.

Beltre finally got his revenge when he tried to make it appear as he was going after one of Andrus’ catch. (Though it seems the announcers fell for the prank more than Andrus)

So, during Monday’s game in Baltimore, Andrus took another dig at Beltre by almost interring again.

As the saying goes, it’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. Or screws up an easy out.