Dwight Howard has some words for Twitter haters

It has been nearly a month since Dwight Howard officially became a member of the Houston Rockets, while most of the dust has settled on people criticizing the spurning of the mighty Lakers, some fans are still venting their frustrations to the center on Twitter.

Naturally, fans in Los Angeles are upset about losing a star player and now, through the power of social media, those fans have a chance to take a direct shot at Howard.

But that doesn’t mean the Rockets’ new big man is just standing pat while getting called out, he has been taking the haters head on with playful, witty responses of his own.

One female fan told Howard on Wednesday night that he wouldn’t be getting a championship ring, so he fired back in hilarious fashion stating he didn’t think she would be getting a ring either, assumingly an engagement one rather than the one paired with the Larry O’Brien Trophy.