Dog gets loose inside Rangers Ballpark

ARLINGTON, Texas – Rangers Ballpark in Arlington briefly became the world’s largest dog park for one lucky pup.

As part of the team’s Bark in the Park promotion Thursday, dog owners were permitted to parade their pooches around the warning track prior to the game against the White Sox.

A yellow lab broke free from the crowd and enjoyed about a 10-minute romp around the field.

The dog got loose in right field and ran to home plate, then turned toward left field.

Once it got to left-centerfield the dog, ahem, marked its territory.

That’s when members of the grounds crew began to close in on the pup. Once the dog got wise to the maneuver, he bolted to right field – to the delight of the pregame crowd.

Eventually, 10 people and Rangers Captain, the team’s equine mascot, began a slow-speed chase of the furry fugitive around the field.

Bark in the Park is an annual event at Rangers Ballpark in which dog owners are allowed to enjoy the game with their four-legged friends in the stands.

This year’s event, sponsored by a pet food company and a pet supply store, drew 689 dogs to the park.

One of the traditions is a pregame parade that allows owners to show off their dogs – and their canine couture – with many of them dressed in Rangers costumes.

One dachshund was dressed in a hot dog outfit and labeled a Boomstick – the popular two-foot hot dog sold at the Ballpark. A poodle was dyed the Rangers’ red and blue.

The runaway hound wasn’t wearing a costume. Or a leash, which made him especially slippery.

After taking another run around the outfield and then a stroll past the mound, the dog made the mistake of sticking his wet nose into the White Sox’ dugout.

That’s when the pup pursuit caught up to him. With some assistance from White Sox catcher Tyler Flowers, dressed in his full catching gear, the dog was eventually collared.

Guess that makes Flowers a dog catcher (insert rim shot here).

The mischievous mutt was escorted off the field, tail wagging proudly.

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