Chandler Parsons will now be buying Dirk’s dinner on the road all season

The Dallas Mavericks are clearly still Dirk Nowitzki's team, right Chandler Parsons?

Dirk Nowitzki took a $15 million pay cut this offseason, which helped the Mavericks land a "big-name player" like Chandler Parsons.

Parsons signed with Dallas over the summer after the Rockets failed to match the three years, $46 million offer from Mark Cuban & Co.

According to, Dirk had previously been the second-highest-paid player in the league last season making $22.7 million, but with the pay cut, he will now only make about $8 million.

Parsons is now the highest-earning man wearing a Mavericks jersey.

So, what does Nowitzki get for his huge sacrifice? Apparently, a lot of free meals.

"I told him [Parsons] every dinner on the road this year is on him, because it’s my money anyway," Dirk told’s Tim MacMahon.

So, all in all, taking a pay cut has increased Dirk’s chances of winning an NBA title AND his free food intake? Not a bad deal.