Did a current Cowboys player score higher than Jason Garrett?

Every year around this time, the Wonderlic test scores of several NFL Draft prospects are leaked. Former Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel had this happen to him on Friday, and he probably isn’t complaining.

NFL Network’s Albert Breer reported that Manziel scored an impressive 32 out of 50 on the timed test that measures cognitive ability. It was also reported that Manziel’s score is the highest among quarterbacks projected to be drafted in the first few rounds next month.

Although the scores are supposed to be kept private, a few always seem to get out. Here are five current Dallas Cowboys who have had their scores leaked.

Tony Romo: 37

Travis Frederick: 34

Kyle Orton: 26

Dez Bryant: 16

Morris Claiborne: 4

Claiborne has addressed his incredibly low score on multiple occasions, saying that he didn’t take the test seriously because the questions were not football related.

While searching for other notable scores, it quickly became apparent that the results for quarterbacks were most common. Here are 10 scores that some of you might find interesting.

Eli Manning: 39

Jason Garrett: 36

Aaron Rodgers: 35

Tom Brady: 33

Quincy Carter: 30

Troy Aikman: 29

Peyton Manning: 28

Brett Favre: 22

Michael Vick: 20

Dan Marino: 15

To better understand the test and how legendary Cowboys coach Tom Landry helped bring it to the NFL, check out this 2012 story from Sports Day’s very own David Moore.