Dez Bryant and other athletes audition for classic film roles

Athletes starring in movies hasn’t always been the best idea.

Does Shaq as Kazaam, Michael Jordan in Space Jam or Terry Bradshaw in Failure to Launch ring a bell?

Though these movies may have their own cult following, they certainly never won any major awards. So, why do so many athletes try to venture to the silver screen? Is it because of boredom? Money? Fame?

Whatever the reason, there are no shortage of sports stars trying to make a name for themselves in Hollywood. Recently, Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant joined fellow gridiron star Michael Crabtree and hoopsters Dwight Howard and Shawn Marion for a funny parody of ‘When Athletes Audition.’

In a video produced by Relativity Sports, the four star athletes are put to the test, quoting lines from some of America’s most beloved movies.

Ever wonder what Forrest Gump would have been like had Dwight Howard played the title role instead of Tom Hanks? Or if Dez Bryant recited the infamous line Show me the money!”? Yeah, neither did we, but that doesn’t mean the video isn’t worth watching.

Here’s hoping these, and other athletes, stick to their day jobs.

That we know they can nail.