DeMarco Murray vows to play all 16 games this season

IRVING, Texas – DeMarco Murray sat out the first four days of OTAs over the course of two weeks to protect his hamstrings, but sources tell FOXSports that the oft-injured running back did do limited “individual work” at Wednesday’s Dallas Cowboys practice.

Maybe that “limited work” is a step towards Murray reaching his potential, which he and the Cowboys think is virtually unlimited.

“I am going to play all 16 this year, and I’m excited,” Murray said this week, predicting an injury-free season. “It’s going to be a great year for us.”

The playoffs could be in reach for Dallas if Murray — who joined the Cowboys as a third-round pick in 2011 already carrying the “injury-prone” label – achieves that first goal.

“I can’t control if anything happens,” said Murray, politely rebuking his reputation as oft-injured. “All I can do is go out there, play hard, play fast, play physical. Once I’m out there, I don’t think there’s any question about anything.”

At Oklahoma, Murray experienced some hamstring problems but still left with school records in points, touchdowns and all-purpose yards. In the pros, he’s missed nine games in two seasons. That’s blurred the fact that as a rookie he averaged 5.5 yards per carry while showing off his 40-yard-dash speed of 4.41.

“I’m taking it slow, not trying to push it,” Murray said, smiling. “It’s not like we have any games this weekend.”

But soon, there will be games. Murray hopes he sees all 16 of them.