Deion Sanders’ missing $15,000 dog returns home

Prime Time is going to the dogs. And it looks like he couldn’t be happier about it.

Deion Sanders’ German Shepherd, which he tweeted is worth $15,000 (you read that figure correctly) was returned to him Thursday after going missing nearly nine months ago.

Sanders tweeted a picture of himself and the 139-pound dog, named Yasko, on Thursday. Yasko is reportedly a trained and certified security dog, which Sanders said in a later tweet explained the dog’s high value: “My dog is full bred GERMAN shepherd highly trained protection dog that will attack if my kids & family r in danger. That’s why he’s expensive.”

While Sanders did not elaborate in the tweets on how the dog went missing or who possibly took Yasko, reported the dog was taken from Sanders’ own backyard around the time of his messy divorce with ex-wife Pilar Biggers.  Given the dog’s security training, one can guess the dog wouldn’t go to just anybody. The Examiner cited “a source with the Sanders camp” as saying the dog “would only go with someone he knew.”

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding his disappearance, it seems both man and his best friend is happy about the reunion. Sanders tweeted that he almost cried when he saw him again.