Daycare source led to the scoop on Murphy deal with Indians

Forget about trying to get sources in the front office or in the clubhouse.

Daycare may be the new way to go.

Maybe that’s not really the case but it was a tip from a daycare source that allowed Jamie Kelly to scoop everyone on David Murphy’s deal with the Cleveland Indians.

Kelly, who goes by @jamiesportstalk on Twitter, broke the news Tuesday that the longtime Rangers outfielder was heading to the Indians.

How did she get the news?

One of her Twitter followers sent her a direct message and the message said that Murphy’s daughter told people at her daycare that her father was going to be an Indian. Murphy came in later in the day and confirmed it according to the message.

Kelly said her follower wouldn’t say what his connection to the daycare was but he trusted her to get out the information. That led her to send out the tweet that broke the news:

“David Murphy informed his daughter’s daycare that he is signing with the Indians. This is, again, per my source close to the situation.”

Since Kelly sent out the tweet, it was retweeted and confirmed by others.’s Ken Rosenthal credited Kelly for breaking the news. She was mentioned on MLB Network Wednesday morning too and has added an additional 200 Twitter followers.

While Kelly has plenty of experience in the business as she’s the editorial chief at Paranoid Fan and writes for both a Rangers fan site ( and the Mavericks team site (, she wasn’t prepared for the reaction to the daycare-source story.

“It’s been an insane 18 hours,” said the Dallas resident. “I never dreamed in a million years they’d be talking about me on Hot Stove. It’s been surreal.”