Dallas-native Spieth giving golf jolt after U.S. Open win

If this is Jordan Spieth not yet in his prime, the golfing world will never be the same. And it’s a good thing Under Armour extended his contract before the Masters.

Spieth is threatening to go where no golfer other than Ben Hogan has been, which is winning the Masters, U.S. Open and British Open in the same year. He’s given the sport the jolt it desperately needed with Tiger Woods’ career in full retreat. Spieth flashes that almost apologetic smile after wins, but he’s cold-blooded on the course. He absolutely intends to win the British Open.

"You can’t win them all unless you win the first two," Spieth said during the trophy ceremony Sunday.

He has a completely different personality than Woods, but Spieth seems just as relentless in his pursuit of greatness. Those two won’t have a rivalry because Woods appears to be finished as a champion. It will be up to Rory McIlroy and perhaps Patrick Reid to challenge Spieth. And I don’t think either player’s up to the task right now. Dustin Johnson has the talent, but he’ll be haunted by his three-put on the 72nd hole at Chambers Bay. 

Spieth smells blood in the water at this point. He knows how fortunate he was to win after that shocking double bogey at No. 17. His second shot on 18 from 284 yards was incredibly clutch. But he sat in the scorer’s trailer half-expecting Johnson to make his eagle putt. It’s remarkable to falter down the stretch at a U.S. Open and still come away with the win. I don’t think Spieth will leave the door open again if he’s contending for a major title. Johnson blew a huge opportunity.

The biggest reason I think Spieth can sustain this caliber of play is his passion and devotion to the game. He will not allow his exalted status to undermine his focus as McIlroy did for a stretch after winning his first major. Unlike his pal and occasional playing partner Tony Romo, Spieth will not feel compelled to date celebrities in his 20s. He’s still in awe of superstars such as Dirk Nowitzki. Spieth’s parents have done an amazing job of keeping him grounded.

But all this maturity at such a tender young age doesn’t mean Spieth is boring. His constant jabbering on the course is fun to watch. When another UT alum and Dallas native, Justin Leonard, rose to prominence, Dan Jenkins referred to him as the "grim-faced Texan" because he rarely showed any personality on the course. Spieth may settle down on the course someday, but right now he seems to feed off his constant chirping.

Dallas can claim Hall of Famer Lee Trevino, but Spieth is destined to do bigger things. He’s made this the most anticipated  British Open in years.

Why in the world would anyone bet against him?


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