After fine, Carlisle tapes mouth shut, lets Romo yell at refs

When Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle took the floor for Sunday night’s Game 4 against the Houston Rockets, he did so $25,000 lighter in the wallet, compliments of a fine levied by the NBA a day earlier for criticizing officials following Friday’s Game 3 loss.

But that didn’t stop Carlisle from arguing with officials over a second-quarter foul called against Dirk Nowitzki on Sunday night … enough so that he received a technical foul.

So when the coach took the podium following Sunday’s season-saving, sweep-avoiding 121-109 victory at home, he made sure he wouldn’t say something else to draw the attention of the NBA’s revenue collectors.

So when asked by a reporter about physicality of Game 4, he made sure he wouldn’t let anything slip by putting tape over his mouth. Watch the antics in the video above.

As for avoiding a second T during the game Sunday? His most ingenious coaching move. Ever.

He let Tony Romo do the screaming for him.

After receiving a fine on Saturday and technical foul on Sunday, Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle turns away after a second-half call in Sunday’s Game 4, and instead gives a smile as Cowboys QB Tony Romo does the screaming for him from his courtside seat.

If you can’t say anything nice …

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