Jerry Jones the GM proving doubters wrong

In one of the strangest twists in recent memory, NFL fans are wondering why their owners and GMs can’t be more like Jerry Jones. It has a lot to do with him landing edge rusher Randy Gregory late in the second round and then signing first-round talent La’el Collins as an undrafted free agent.

For years, Cowboys fans have begged Jerry to hire someone else to function as general manager. But in what has been a dizzying two weeks, Jones showed that being his own boss isn’t all bad. A report from Yahoo Sports on Monday even quoted an AFC personnel man bemoaning the fact Jerry has so much autonomy. 

"It figured he’d end up there," the personnel man said of Collins. "[Jerry Jones] is in his gear now. When your owner is the general manager, it’s just a little easier. He can just make that decision and it’s done. He wants him, whatever he decides the process is, boom — done.

"[Jerry will] walk closer to that line and take chances if he thinks it’s coming together. But signing La’el might actually be safer than a couple of their other moves lately."

This sounds like a flustered GM who would like more authority in his own organization. Yahoo! reported that the anonymous source was with a team that had hoped to land both Gregory and Collins. 

Maybe it’s time we acknowledged that being the owner/GM has its perks. Jones doesn’t subscribe to the wait-and-see approach other teams take. He learned at the feet of the late Al Davis, who never answered to anyone.

It’s one thing for other teams to be jealous of the Cowboys’ popularity and massive stadium. But for anyone to be jealous of Jerry’s decision-making is something completely new. 

Hall of Fame defensive end Charles Haley told 103.3 FM’s Tim Cowlishaw and me Tuesday that Jones’ time in the oil business made him more open to taking risks. Haley has already begun mentoring Gregory at Valley Ranch.

"He’s got a lot to say," Gregory said of Haley. "… He just talks a little bit of [stuff] to me. That’s all. I think everybody already knows that. He’s a good guy. I think he expects big things from wearing that [94] number. He obviously doesn’t want anybody coming in here and messing up that legacy.

"The main thing is, is just trying to keep all the baggage outside of the locker room. I think that’s what we’re doing. I think that’s what Dez [Bryant] has done. I think that’s what guys at my position have done that have been here in the past. That’s what I’m going to do."

Stephen Jones was quoted saying that Dez Bryant had more red flags than Gregory when he was preparing for the draft. Bryant has had his moments, but he’s matured quite a bit on and off the field.

The Cowboys believe they have a support team that can help Gregory fight through his issues. They also have an organizational flow chart that’s suddenly the gold standard in the NFL.

What will Jerry do next? It’s a question much of the league’s asking. And that’s a great thing for Cowboys fans.


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