Jerry Jones: Gov. Christie is part of Cowboys’ mojo

It’s certainly common for sports fans to have good-luck charms — whether it be a T-shirt or a pair of socks. It’s a little more unusual for the good-luck charm to be a person.

It’s got to be unprecedented for the good-luck charm to be a governor, but that appears to be the case for Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys. 

For the third time this season, the Cowboys owner and general manager was joined at a Cowboys game by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on Sunday against Detroit. For the third time in as many games, the Cowboys battled back from a halftime deficit to win.

If Christie can keep the winning ways going, Jones said he wants Christie with him, not just at Lambeau Field this weekend, but much loftier places — both in football and politics.

"He’s part of our mojo, and I want him there all the way," Jones said Tuesday in an interview with 105.3 FM The Fan. "I’ll tell you: if he’s got enough mojo to pull this thing out, then he ought to be looked at as the President of the United States."

That might not be a full endorsement just yet, but Jones is clearly excited about the friendship he’s formed with Christie. The New Jersey governor attended games in New York and Philadelphia this season, and Jones invited him down to AT&T Stadium as a guest for the playoffs.

Jones wanted there to be no mistaking Christie’s credentials as a Cowboys fan, though.

"You know, when you’re in the shoes of a Governor Christie, he deals with five to 10 issues a day of real human consequences and human drama. But it’s exciting to see the respite of supporting his team," he said. "You know, he’s been a fan for almost 50 years. And his family when, literally, he was not Governor Christie, they would drive on his vacation to watch one game with his wife."

Christie has drawn plenty of criticism for his allegiance to the Cowboys — especially as the governor of a state full of Eagles and Giants fans. Jones said he’s not surprised to hear that, but it won’t deter him from trying to keep Christie as part of the Cowboys’ playoff run.

"I don’t know how we in any way can think about going up there without having him with the way we’re playing and the mojo," he said of Sunday’s trip to Green Bay.

Jones added: "Over the years, we’ve had all kinds of people sitting at key games with us from certainly other politicians to presidents to other celebrity-types. But I don’t know that we’ve ever had one that’s as deep-seeded and long-lived a Cowboy fan as Governor Christie is. Now, he’s serious about this."


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