Jason Dufner calls out Jason Garrett, Cowboys on Twitter

Jason Dufner knows a thing or two about golf.

David Cannon/Getty Images

Like many NFL fans watching the Cowboys’ win over the Lions, golfer Jason Dufner had an opinion or two about Sunday’s game.

He didn’t agree with picking up the flag on that play, and made a joke about how he would do the same when he plays in Dallas on this year’s PGA Tour.

Perhaps most entertainingly, Dufner called out Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett. After the game, Garrett was talking to reporters about going for it on a fourth-and-six late instead of punting.

Garrett used a golf reference to summarize his mentality. "What kept going through my mind was if you get a chance to go play at the Masters, you don’t lay up. You go after it," he said.

Well, being a professional golfer (though not a Masters winner himself), Dufner clarified that "laying it up" would in fact actually be a good strategy at Augusta, pointing toward 2007 champ Zach Johnson as proof.

But even in this funny exchange, Dufner wanted to make it clear: He’s not rooting for either team. He’s a Patriots fan.

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