Sources: Cowboys haven’t begun talks with DeMarco Murray yet

IRVING, Texas – What the Dallas Cowboys did with Dez Bryant (the non-exclusive tag and a $12.8 million placeholder) and will continue to do is Job 1 at Valley Ranch. What isn’t happening yet, at all, is what many outsiders wrongly thought would be Job 2: talks involving DeMarco Murray.

While outlets are reporting that league sources say Murray is returning, this would be news to Cowboys executives, who have no intention of being the market-setters on Murray. 

Nor are they at all influenced by the huge-money deals being given LeSean McCoy and others. McCoy and the Bills have agreed on a five-year deal featuring $26.5 million total guaranteed — or somewhere in the ballpark of the Jamaal Charles-level that Murray was already seeking in Dallas. Murray is, according to sources, involved in those level of talks with Jacksonville. Meanwhile,  our sources tell FOX Sports Southwest not only are the Cowboys and Murray not negotiating a "done deal,” but as of Sunday morning they hadn’t even visited at all on the matter. 

It’s increasingly likely that if the Jags make an offer to Murray, Jacksonville won’t allow him shop it back to Valley Ranch — not that it’ll make any difference there, anyway. Getting Bryant done by cap-compliant day on Tuesday (by changing that $12.8 million hold to, say, $5.4 mil by giving Bryant a "Cowboys For Life” long-term deal) remains Job 1.


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