Dale Jr. concerned about Redskins start

ROANOKE, Texas — About the same time Sunday that Dale Earnhardt Jr. was vying for his first Sprint Cup win of the season, his favorite NFL team was winning its first game of the season.

Unfortunately for Earnhardt, he finished second to teammate Jimmie Johnson at Dover. The good news for Earnhardt was that his Redskins rallied for a 24-14 victory win over Oakland.

Earnhardt isn’t convinced that a win over the lowly Raiders is a sign the Redskins (1-3) have turned things around.

“I don’t have a real good gauge,” Earnhardt said. “It’s hard to tell exactly where they’re at because they played the Raiders last week. You don’t really know what to take away from a win against the Raiders.”

Like Earnhardt’s slow start to the Chase caused by a blown engine in Chicago, the Redskins are slow starters.

“They didn’t start the season well,” said Earnhardt, who moved to 10th in the Chase standings with his Dover finish. “They don’t really start games well. They gave up 14 to the Raiders in the first quarter. They’re really having tough times to start games.”

Even though the Redskins are struggling, Earnhardt is still a big fan of quarterback Robert Griffin III.

“He’s remarkable as a person,” he said. “He’s got his head on his shoulders really straight. He seems to really appreciate his opportunity, just a good guy. You want to see people like that do well especially when they play for your favorite team.”