Cuban-Trump Twitter battle flares up again

Mark Cuban and Donald Trump got into a Twitter fight Monday, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Cuban owns a lot of things, among them the Dallas Mavericks. Trump is famous for being an obnoxious rich guy. For context, it is helpful to know the two have been trading little barbs for some time now regarding the popularity of their reality TV shows. Trump is on “The Apprentice” and Cuban is on “Shark Tank.”

This is soil in which this thorny rose has bloomed. Trump appeared to be the first one to get thorny on Monday:

“Why does @mcuban continue to embarrass the 31-35 & 11TH place @dallasmavs with childish behavior? Really unprofessional!”

And then Cuban came back:

“@realDonaldTrump do u really want to keep doing this? I don’t care what you think & you are so easy to pick on…”

Trump then took a swipe at Cuban’s masculinity, answering a question from a fan about a hypothetical golf game between the two by saying, “Did you ever see Mark swing a club – the power of a little girl!” He also said he had never heard of one of Cuban’s co-Sharks, Kevin O’Leary, which seems unlikely, and then more or less spent the next couple hours dismissing every aspect of Cuban’s existence he could think of.

Cuban appears to have moved on.

That is, until Trump decided to fan the Twitter flames again on Tuesday.

“Sorry folks, but Donald Trump is far richer and much better looking than dopey @mccuban,” Trump tweeted.

Cuban, in only a way that Cuban can, fired back at Trump with the final shot  at the moment  in this latest Twitter war between the two.

“Ok @realDonaldTrump when you tweet yourself in the 3rd person and talk about how rich and pretty you are, it’s time to stop #ICANTTOPTHAT,” Cuban tweeted in response.