Cuban in director Tony Scott’s final project

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said Wednesday that he was part of film director Tony Scott’s final project.
Cuban filmed a Diet Mountain Dew commercial in late June that was directed by the 68-year-old Scott, who jumped to his death from a Los Angeles bridge on Sunday.
“It was crazy because he was excited,” Cuban told Bad Radio on 1310 The Ticket [KTCK-AM] in Dallas. “We were talking about Top Gun 2 and a remake of the Wild Bunch and how fired up he was about it. And he’s a pistol. He was full of energy, full of life. He was hitting on everything that walked. It was great, you know? It was hysterical.”
The commercial features the Mavs owner offering to trade his lavish lifestyle to a store customer in exchange for the last Diet Mountain Dew on the shelf.
“To wake up the other day and find out he committed suicide was rough.” Cuban said. “He was a cool dude and we had talked about getting together. It was a shame.
“Talking to the guy, it was shocking. I was like, ‘No, it can’t be that Tony Scott, or it’s not him.’ “
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