Cowboys receiver Cole Beasley set to drop first rap album

Dallas Cowboys WR, Cole Beasley, is not only an extremely gifted guy on the football field but he’s also quite the talent in the recording studio.

Back in January, Beasley released his debut single, “80 Stings” to rave reviews amongst football fans but also music fans.

(If you’ve been living under a rock, click below to listen):

Riding the wave of success from his debut single, Beasley has decided to record an entire album titled, “The Autobiography” set to drop May 12.

He’s already given his fan base a little taste of what’s to come on this album with the release of the single, “Shock Value.”

“Shock Value” is an amazing combination of old school hip hop beats with a modern day hook to appeal to any rap fan.

No doubt some of Beasley’s inspiration came from his journey. He notes in the track of his humble beginnings as a Little Elm, Texas resident that found a way to being a prominent piece in the Dallas Cowboys’ offense.

Beasley went undrafted by the Cowboys in 2012 and sent shock waves through the NFL with his breakout season in 2016 when he had 75 receptions and averaged 11.1 yards per catch.

Now Beasley is sending shock waves through the music industry with this latest album and no doubt he will see similar success.

Fellow Dallas Cowboys teammates past and present have been showing Beasley love all over social media:

By that reaction, it seems like Beasley is well on his way to a successful debut.

If you’d like to be a part of the official launch party of “The Autobiography,” Beasley is holding a release party on Saturday, May 12 that’s open to the public.