Cowboys owner Jerry Jones: I want playoffs expanded

The Dallas Cowboys have missed the postseason the previous four years, so Jerry Jones is open to any possible changes that would give his team a better chance of playing after Week 17.

The Cowboys owner and general manager spoke about playoff expansion Monday while at the Spring League Meetings in Atlanta.

"I am pleased that we’re looking at expanding the playoffs," Jones said on the NFL Network. "I think what a playoff means to a team and to a city is unquestioned. Now, from the Cowboys standpoint, maybe it will give us a better chance to be in the playoffs, so I’m an easy vote on this one.

"Seriously, I think it really enhances what we’re always trying to do, and that’s fan interest. Any time, at such a critical time for teams to be able to show their fans that they’re doing the kinds of things that maybe gives you a chance for a Super Bowl, that’s going in the right direction."

Adding two playoff teams – one to each conference – would certainly improve the Cowboys’ odds, however, even in that scenario, Dallas still would not have reached the postseason the last four seasons.

"I can’t help but make the case for the Cowboys on this issue," Jones said. "There’s no doubt that we have less percentage playoff teams than most sports do, and when you go through the competitiveness that we have and how close our teams really are competitively then you can make a real good case for more of them qualifying for the playoffs."

Jones said it’s reasonable to think the playoffs will be expanded.


"Hopefully sooner rather than later," Jones said. "I know there’s a lot of enthusiasm for it, knowing first hand from the ownership and from the staff and from the commissioner."

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