Cowboys offensive line enjoying Murray’s success

LONDON – DeMarco Murray is the league’s leading rusher with 1,233 yards, and the next runner up isn’t anywhere close.

The Cowboys’ "ground and pound" offense for the first ten games have been winning recipe as the club improved to 7-3 with a 31-17 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday at Wembley Stadium in the 11th game of the International Series.

Guards Ron Leary and rookie Zack Martin have their own words for Murray’s feats. Leary calls it "good," while Martin calls it great. Still, the feeling comes across that they take pride in helping their teammate, who set the league record with eight consecutive 100-yard performances to start the year.

"Obviously, it’s a great testament to DeMarco and his talents and what he can do," Martin said.

"You know, we take pride up front."

"You always want to, you know, run the ball well because that opens up everything else," Leary added.

"But DeMarco does a great job hitting holes. So, you know, we do our job and help make him look good."

While the focus is on the Murray and the offensive line, rookie Martin is quick to point out that there are other position groups that have contributed to the impressive run game.

Said Martin: "You know, it’s really a testament to our entire team: tight ends, running backs, quarterbacks giving us the right looks. You know, DeMarco gets a lot of love. We get a lot of love, but it’s really an offensive goal of ours. And I believe that everyone’s involved in it."

The Cowboys have the sixth-best offense in the NFL, averaging 387.5 yards per game coming into Week 10’s game with the Jaguars. It takes a team to reach 7-3 and keep pace with the Eagles in the NFC East.