Cowboys, Jaguars brass party on $110 million yacht in London

What happens when rich owners of the NFL get together in London?

Well apparently they party on a $110 million yacht the night before the big game.

Saturday, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and vice president Stephen Jones were two among about 100 invited guest on the 308-foot Kismet super yacht owned by Jaguars owner Shad Khan.

Khan’s yacht, which has six bedrooms, a master suite, a private deck, a jacuzzi, swimming pool and a helicopter pad; was docked near the Tower Bridge in London for the big week of NFL played abroad.

And the Cowboys’ executives thought their luxury bus used for road trips was fancy…

"Oh my gosh," Stephen Jones said of the yacht according to Dallas Morning News. "He’s outdone us. Better than the bus."

Good news for fans, Khan’s mega-yacht – and it’s 28-man crew – can be your’s for the week for just $1.6 million.