Cowboys fan sends RG3 special wedding present

It has been well documented that Robert Griffin III got married and fans across the country sent him a whole bunch of wedding gifts.

But, it turns out, not all those gifts were on his registry.

In a teaser for an upcoming ESPN documentary,  RG3 and his wife Rebecca are filmed opening wedding gifts when one in particular stood out.

The scenes opens with the quarterback saying, "As much love as there is out there, there’s a lot of hate, too."

Apparently, a man in Florida sent the Redskins star a special keepsake of their division rival.

"Heard you were bragging about spanking the Cowboys, I though you could use a Dallas Cowboys mug to drown your sorrows after we whip you this year," the note attached to the gift read.

RG3 and his wife had a quick laugh before revealing they’ll donate the mug to charity.

The gift obviously received the desired affect.

Well done, anonymous man in Florida. Well done.