Cowboys DE Jeremy Mincey hopes Rod Marinelli stays

After the Dallas Cowboys’ 26-21 loss to the Green Bay Packers in Sunday’s NFC Divisional Playoffs, reports abound that defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli could be on his way to Tampa Bay to serve in the same capacity under head coach Lovie Smith, who goes a ways back with Marinelli.

Cowboys defensive end Jeremy Mincey doubts Marinelli would go to Tampa Bay, even if it was to coach with Smith again.

"I doubt that he would," Mincey, whom Marinelli nicknamed "Oil Can" during the season, told KRLD-FM on Monday. "I honestly think he loves this group of guys. He knows, you know, what he’s around. We can keep this thing rolling with the right coach and the right type of guys.

"I really feel confident that he’ll be a Dallas Cowboy."

Mincey’s confidence in Marinelli’s return is the same that Executive Vice President Stephen Jones has.

"We fully expect for him to come back," Jones also told KRLD-FM earlier Monday. "It would certainly be disappointing if that didn’t happen. But we’re going to go to work and try to extend his contract or get him a new contract so that he’ll be a Dallas Cowboy."

Marinelli had an effect on the 31-year-old defensive end. The Patriots sixth-round draft choice in 2006, who bounced around four other NFL teams before landing in Dallas this past off-season, had a revitalizing under Marinelli. Mincey recorded six sacks, the second-most in his eight-year career, and forced two fumbles, tying for the second-most in his career.

Of course, Mincey also saw the influence Marinelli had on younger defensive talent.

"Coach Rod did a great job of laying a foundation for these younger guys, the DeMarcus Lawrences and the Tyrone Crawfords and the J.J. Wilcoxes," said Mincey. "I mean, he did a great job." 

If Marinelli does go to the Buccaneers in a lateral move, Mincey would be among the first to congratulate the 65-year-old defensive mastermind.

"But I mean, if he wants to leave, I congratulate him. First and foremost, he’s a great guy. You have to respect him."

Dallas would be on its seventh defensive coordinator in eight seasons should Marinelli depart from the Cowboys.