Cowboys ‘committed’ to keeping Dez Bryant in Dallas ‘for life’

OXNARD, Calif. — Dallas Cowboys chief operating officer Stephen Jones said Wednesday that Tyron Smith’s new contract has no affect on a potential extension with Pro Bowl wide receiver Dez Bryant.

"It wouldn’t have surprised me if Dez would’ve gotten done first," Jones said. "We’re working hard to do something with Dez. We’re totally committed to making Dez a Cowboy for life as well. It was certainly in our plans from Day 1 when we started figuring our cap this year was figuring out a way to get Dez and Tyron extended."

Jones declined to speculate when asked if he thought they could get Bryant’s new deal done before leaving training camp. He added that there isn’t a deadline.

"Dez, he’s got a contract this year and he can be franchised next year," Jones said. "To me, there’s no deadlines. It’s just finding the right deal. You want to do something that’s fair for the club and fair for the player, that’s the most important thing."

There’s enough space to get a deal done if the two sides can agree. The Cowboys have a little less than $10 million in salary cap space.

Jones said it was fair for Smith to ask to be the highest-paid offensive tackle in football.

Is it fair for Bryant to ask to be paid like one of the NFL’s top wide receivers?

"I won’t get into negotiations," Jones said, "until they’re over."