Clowney spares Texans running back of massive hit in practice

Houston Texans linebacker Jadeveon Clowney runs a drill during training camp.

Pat Sullivan/AP

Often times during the early stages of NFL training camps, defensive players are itching for more with full hits out of the question against their offensive teammates.

Houston Texans rookie linebacker Jadeveon Clowney appears to be yearning to lay down the hurt on some unsuspecting player, but is still limited on what he can do in just the third day of practice.

Luckily @CaptRonBRB had his camera rolling when Clowney nearly forgot to take it easy against backup running back Dennis Johnson in practice Monday.

Later, Johnson can go watch Clowney’s devastating hit against former Michigan running back Vincent Smith from 2012 and be glad that wasn’t him.  

That still hurts to watch.

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