Charlotte 49ers spreading the word and building an offense

As the first season of Charlotte 49ers football approches, head coach Brad Lambert is out spreading the word.

The city already has a large NFL fan base, so a group set up outside Carolina Panthers games last fall to let them know there’s a college team in town that needs their support.

“We go down there and just interact with fans and give things away and once again it’s just another chance for us to spread our brand and talk about the university, start football, and who we are,” Lambert said.

But if the 49ers are going to gain support, Lambert knew he will have to have an exciting a brand of football. So, he turned to a familiar face in Jeff Mullen to run his offense.

“I thought this was a great opportunity to be alongside a good friend and start something new,” Mullen said.

Lambert and Mullen worked together during their days at Wake Forest from 2001-07.

Mullen will have three quarterbacks to choose from, but only one will get the job.

“The hardest part is that they’re all three in the same class and we’re not going to have a three-headed quarterback system here at Charlotte,” he said.