Bryant seeing another doctor for injured finger

IRVING, Texas — During his Wednesday morning press conference, Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said Dez Bryant was scheduled to see another doctor later in the day to evaluate his left index finger.

Garrett also said he didn’t anticipate Bryant practicing Wednesday because there is still swelling in his finger.

“We’re just going to see where he is,” Garrett said. “We’re going to get that information. One of the things we know about Dez is that he’s a tough guy and he loves playing football. He’s going to give himself and give our team every chance possible to play in this ballgame and continue to play this season. We just need to get more medical information about how to handle the situation in the best way right now and for the future.”

Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones said Tuesday on radio station 105.3 The Fan that Bryant would be the ultimate decision maker on whether he could play through the injury or choose to have season-ending surgery.

Garrett said the decision to play or have surgery will not be Bryant’s alone.

“There are a lot of people who are involved in the decision,” Garrett said. “Certainly, the player has a lot to do with his willingness and ability to play. The medical part of it is a big piece, and his ability to function is a big piece. So, we’ll continue to evaluate that today. We’ll get some more information today, and we’ll try to make our best decision going forward.”