Brown believes Robinson right for Texas DC job

Texas head coach Mack Brown saw the thrashing his defense took at the hands of BYU first-hand Saturday night in Provo, Utah.

He then watched the game film twice, which was enough for him to make the switch at defensive coordinator from Manny Diaz to Greg Robinson.

Brown is confident that Robinson, who was the co-defensive coordinator for the Longhorns in 2004, can help fix a defense that allowed 550 rushing yards rushing in the 40-21 loss to BYU.

“When Greg was here we played really, really hard on defense,” Brown said Monday morning. “We were very sound and we tackled well. He brings a lot of energy. The other thing is we hired him in July (at a football analyst) so he’s very familiar with our personnel. He’s watched our practices, as a self-evaluator, self-scouting since we started in the fall. He’s studied a lot of things we did last year with a lot of our games. He’s got some game-plan thoughts with our next opponent.”

Robinson last coached at Michigan, where he was the defensive coordinator in 2009 and 2010.
Brown said he doesn’t think it was a panic move.

“It’s not a panic move because we are early in the season,” Brown said. “Greg Robinson’s been here. He was on our staff and we knew that there was improvement after midseason last year and that improvement needed to continue and we didn’t. We’ve got better players than we do production right now and that’s the reason the decision was made.”