Bogar hoping to earn Rangers full-time manager job

Texas Rangers interim manager Tim Bogar.  

Jerome Miron/Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

ARLINGTON, Texas – Tim Bogar’s first night as the manager of the Texas Rangers didn’t come to an end until around 2 a.m. Saturday morning.

That’s when Bogar wrapped up a night of returning texts to well-wishers after he was tabbed the interim skipper of the Rangers following Ron Washington’s abrupt resignation Friday afternoon.

Bogar hopes to be returning similar messages if he can get the job on a full-time basis following the final 21 games of this season.

"My focus right now is being the manager of the Texas Rangers," Bogar said. "I’m going about it as I’m going to be the manager of the Texas Rangers next year too. I think that’s the way I have to approach it. If they decide they want to go in a different direction I will have to agree with that because that’s what they feel is best for the organization. Do I want to do it? Of course I do. I want to stay here and be a part of turning this thing around."

Bogar’s focus now is winning as many games as he can over the next three weeks. He also wants the Rangers to understand exactly what he’s about.

Like Washington, Bogar is a student of the game. His career as a utility infielder allowed him to watch baseball from a different perspective. The five years as a manager league manager and five seasons as a big-league coach also helped prepare Bogar for the opportunity.

He hopes that spending most of the season as the bench coach next to Washington makes the transition easier too.

"It’s been a benefit for me to be here this whole time as the bench coach because I understand how the organization’s put together and what they’re thinking and things like that," Bogar said. "The way I look at is it’s not about me becoming the manager so much as that. It’s more about taking guys out there in the locker room. I want to do the best I can to make an impression obviously. I don’t have to come in cold and try to make a huge splash."

Making a huge splash wouldn’t impact whether or not Bogar would get a look for 2015 after the season. His resume and the way he’s carried himself this season all but guarantees he’ll get an opportunity when the Rangers decide to move forward with their 2015 plans.
"He’s won everywhere he’s been," Texas general manager Jon Daniels said "He’s learned from some good people. He’s a high integrity, character family guy. He was the natural choice for this spot, but we’re going to take a step back and discuss things internally. He certainly gets an opportunity."
In his opportunity Bogar is going to be Bogar, which in some cases could resemble an approach to the game like Washington.
While Bogar is more of a numbers guy than Washington, he won’t be afraid to use rely on his baseball experience either.
"I understand all the numbers, I appreciate them, I think they’re valuable," Bogar said. "But I also know that your stomach tells you more than a number ever will. They (numbers) lead you in the right direction but you still have to make the right decision based on all the information you’re received."
He’s also a fan of the in-game strategy involved.

"One of the things I’ve said before in passing to some of my friends is baseball’s not a tic-tac-toe game it’s a chess game and not everybody’s smart enough to play it," he said. "I’m not smart enough to play chess I know that. Baseball’s a difficult thing to do. I’ve always enjoyed it. I’ve always spent a lot of time studying what’s going on the field not only what’ going on with my players."