Big 12/SEC Challenge moves to January

The Big 12/SEC challenge is on the move. 

In search of greater exposure, the entire 10-game basketball series between the two conferences will be played on Jan. 30, 2016. 

The Big 12 won the first two challenges with seven and six wins, respectively. The 2014 edition was spread out over four days in December 2014, before conference play began. In 2013, the two conferences played 10 games spread out over the months of November and December. 

"We are excited to move this event to January to provide the Big 12 a unique showcase and help ESPN give the Big 12/SEC Challenge the attention it deserves," Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby said in a release. "Our teams have shown a commitment to scheduling tough non-conference opponents and should be commended for setting a new standard by placing a key non-league matchup in the middle of the conference season."

Matchups for next year’s Big 12/SEC challenge are still to be determined, but the four SEC teams who do not participate will play league games the day of the challenge. 

The two leagues will arrange mutual open dates in late January or early February moving forward to showcase the event.