Big 12 predictions: Week 6

Any week when your only miss was the biggest upset of the season in the Big 12 is a good week. I’ll take it. West Virginia and Iowa State are killing me this year when it comes to predictability, but I nailed the Cyclones’ upset win last week. Let’s get to this week’s picks. 

Last week: 3-1 (.750)
Overall: 26-8 (.765)

Iowa State dealt the biggest blow to Texas back in its 5-7 campaign in 2010. The Longhorns were coming off a huge road win over No. 5 Nebraska and the ship looked to be righted. Texas lost its next three games after the Cyclones’ win in Austin. The Longhorns find themselves very similar circumstances this time around. The difference? This Texas team has the power running game that 2010 team dreamt of. The Iowa State front seven won’t have an answer. Another big game for Johnathan Gray, and he’ll steal the national stage on Thursday night from the Cyclones. … Texas 34, Iowa State 20

Charlie Weis isn’t hiding from the fact that Saturday will make it 1,063 days since KU won a Big 12 game–a span of 21 games. Texas Tech’s offense has sputtered in consecutive games, but the defense is the story here. The Red Raiders’ resurgence under DC Matt Wallerstedt continues. … Texas Tech 27, Kansas 7

The last two OSU-Kansas State games have been high-level entertainment, but we’ll see more quarterback run game in this one. I’m not selling on Oklahoma State as a Big 12 contender, and the Cowboys remind us of how good they can look on Saturday. J.W. Walsh bounced back from his ugly outing in Morgantown last week. … Oklahoma State 41, Kansas State 24

It’s easy to be down on TCU right now, but consider this: The Frogs’ two losses are to top 20 teams away from home, and the last one against Texas Tech was aided by some, uh, questionable calls. The Frogs may not be a Big 12 title contender, but they’re still good enough to beat anybody anywhere in the league. Including new favorite Oklahoma. The TCU secondary makes life harder on Blake Bell, but the Sooners survive. Barely. … Oklahoma 24, TCU 23

We know this much: We won’t see 133 points in Waco like we saw between these two teams in Morgantown last year. I can’t wait to see Baylor’s all-black uniforms and chrome helmet make their debut. Baylor will still face questions about if they’re “for real” or not after this game, but even WVU’s improving defense won’t be able to slow the Bears down enough to get a win. Not having a proven, healthy quarterback trims WVU chances greatly. No complaining, WVU. They blinded you with science. … Baylor 55, West Virginia 24