Big 12 players dish in media days anonymous survey

DALLAS — What do players across the Big 12 really think? 

FOX Sports Southwest’s reporters at Big 12 Media Days sought to find out this week with a handful of questions given to players who attended. Respondents could not vote for their own teams. 

What’d we learn? Generally, the players agree with the media’s selection of the two best teams in the league, and going on the road can be a hazardous exercise. 

Without further ado, here are the results. 

Who is the Big 12’s best team? 

Oklahoma — 56% 

Baylor — 39%

TCU — 2.5%

Texas 2.5%

They said it: "Bob Stoops always does a great job, and they’re hungry." 

On Baylor: "That offense is the truth." 

Who is the Big 12’s most overrated team entering 2014?

Texas — 26%

Baylor — 26%

Oklahoma State — 17%

Kansas State — 11%

Oklahoma — 11%

TCU — 3%

Kansas — 3%

Texas Tech — 3% 

They said it: 

On Baylor: "They’re overrated within themselves. They’ve gotten real cocky the last couple years." … "Just from seeing them play other teams, it was well known that sometimes they just caught teams off guard."

Which Big 12 coach would you most like to play for?

Bob Stoops — 31% 

Kliff Kingsbury — 25%

Gary Patterson — 13%

Art Briles — 9%

Mike Gundy — 6%

Bill Snyder — 6%

Mack Brown — 6%

Charlie Weis — 3%

They said it: 

On Stoops: "He’s a good coach, has a good program. Consistent."

On Kingsbury: "He’s that dude." … "He looks like he’s the man." 

On Gundy: "I like the way he treats his players." 

On Weis: "The first game we played KU, he was the first coach who ever found his way through the crowd and found me. He shook my hand and told me I did a good job and it was just shocking."

Which Big 12 coach would you least like to play for?

Gary Patterson — 18%

Charlie Weis — 18%

Charlie Strong — 14%

Bill Snyder — 14%

Mike Gundy — 9%

Paul Rhoads — 9%

Dana Holgorsen — 9%

Art Briles — 5%

Bob Stoops — 5%

They said it: 

On Patterson: "He’s that dude."

On Weis: "He just hasn’t been that successful."

On Snyder: "I’m a high-energy guy. I’ve never met the guy and he doesn’t look like he’s too high-energy."

On Strong: "I really just don’t know him that well and I hate Texas." 

Which Big 12 school has the best fans? 

Oklahoma — 24%

Texas — 20%

Oklahoma State — 16%

West Virginia — 12%

Kansas State — 8%

Baylor — 8%

Texas Tech — 8%

Iowa State — 4%

They said it: 

On Oklahoma: "From that game that we played there, their fan atmosphere was just amazing. It was nice to play in. Even though they weren’t cheering for us, it felt good." 

On Texas: "Their stadium’s just so big."

On Kansas State: "Their fans were still rocking at 11 in the morning and it was freezing out." … "Somebody threw a water bottle at me when we were there, but it landed at my feet and it was unopened so I picked it up and drank it." 

On Texas Tech: "They throw the tortillas at you. And batteries." … "They’ve got a really rowdy student section." 

On Baylor: "They’ve got a little younger crowd and they get pretty rowdy." … "When we went there it was probably one of the funnest games that I’ve been in. All their chants, it was like one big party." 

On Oklahoma State: "I liked their paddles." … "It’s packed whether it is hot or cold. That is one of the toughest environments to play in."

Which Big 12 school has the worst fans? 

Kansas — 40%

TCU — 18%

Oklahoma State — 14%

West Virginia — 14%

Iowa State — 7%

Texas — 3.5%

Texas Tech — 3.5%

They said it:

On Kansas: "Their fans don’t show up. They’re a basketball school." … "They’re too into basketball." … "The stands were like half full." 

On TCU: "They were very vocal but not a lot of people show up. You’d think that place would be full." … "I don’t feel like they support their team, not as much as they can." … "I don’t think their fans really sell out like they’re supposed to."

On Oklahoma State: "When we went there a couple years ago, we had like a grandpa behind our bench holding his grandson while he was MFing us on the sidelines."

On Texas Tech: "They were throwing things at us on the sideline. The tortillas, man!"

Do you have reason to believe you have a gay teammate? 

No — 86%

Yes — 14%

They said it: "It wouldn’t matter if I did."