Beltre finally gets chance to prank back Andrus

Rangers Elvis Andrus has been having fun on the field trying to get under Adrian Beltre’s skin on a near-constant basis this season from trying touch the third basemen’s head (something Beltre can’t stand) to attempting to get in the way of a routine play.

After being the butt of the shortstop’s many pranks, Beltre finally got his chance to turn the tables on Andrus for once.

During the ninth inning of Saturday’s Rangers game against the Cardinals in St. Louis, Yadier Molina hit a high infield pop up heading in the direction of Andrus. Beltre saw his chance to get some revenge, throwing caution to the wind ignoring the fact Molina would have been the tying run on base if the ball would have been dropped, by attempting to fake out Andrus camping underneath a spot close to where the ball would be coming down with his glove above his head ready to catch.

Beltre fooled the television announcers calling the game, but didn’t seem to faze Andrus with the prank.

Luckily everything worked out well for Beltre in his revenge as Andrus caught the ball, laughing off the prank, and closer Joe Nathan was still able to get the save an out later, nailing down a 4-2 Rangers’ win.

At least Beltre was finally able to show the youngster Andrus he isn’t too old to be the instigator of a prank instead of being on the receiving end of every joke.