Barbie reaching out to Aggies with Yell Leader Ken

There are the Barbie girls of the SEC, and then there’s the Texas A&M offering.
Just like you can get an Auburn, LSU or Alabama cheerleader Barbie, you can now be the proud owner of a Texas A&M Ken.
Of course, there’s no Texas A&M cheerleader Barbie because there are no such things as cheerleaders in Aggieland. Ken is dressed like a Yell Leader, whose job it is to lead Aggie fans in yells during sporting events and other school activities.
While the rest of the SEC girls are donning short skirts and pompoms, Aggie Ken is dressed in all white, a la the Yell leaders. Ken, who is also available in an African-American version, also has a Texas A&M logo on his shirt and is even wearing maroon shoes.
According to the site, where you can buy the Aggie Ken for the low price of $24.95, you can “Rally round, Aggies! Ken® doll joins the Texas A&M cheer squad in a white jumpsuit and red athletic shoes with articulated arms ready to basket toss or build a pyramid.”
There’s just one problem with that statement. Since there are no cheerleaders at A&M, there’s no basket tosses or pyramids for old Ken to do.
But at least he looks dapper.