Astros groundskeeper busts out sweet dance moves

Nowadays, exciting things just don’t really happen much Minute Maid Park as the Astros are experiencing another likely 100-plus loss season.

But two exciting things in one day?

That’s nearly unheard of in today’s Houston baseball.

The first thing fans had to cheer about was a 2-0 win over the Seattle Mariners on Sunday, where Brett Oberholtzer pitched the complete game shutout, the Astros first by any pitcher this season.

The second was between innings when one groundskeeper dropped his rake and busted out some sweet dance moves right in the middle infield, drawing what was the biggest cheer of the day from Astros fans.

While some people insist a pitcher’s duel is an exciting game, even those people have to admit dance moves like the shuffle and the worm are more likely to get the crowd out of their seats and with a grown man topping the entire performance off with the splits, everyone had to be impressed.

That is everyone except the umpire in the shot who is doing all he can to not to look in the groundskeeper’s direction while he busted out the moves.