Astrodome memorabilia to be put up for auction

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning bright yellow, orange and red stadium seats or a piece of Astroturf from the iconic Astrodome itself, you’re in luck.

Saturday at Reliant Center in Houston—right next door to the Astrodome— memorabilia and other objects from its 40-plus years of operation are being put up for auction and sale.

Large, higher-end items such as dugout benches, football benches, and on-deck circles from visiting National League teams are headed for auction, while smaller items will be sold at a fixed price.

Roughly 500 pairs of “rainbow gut” colored seats will be sold for $200 each and 12 inch by 12 inch pieces of turf will be going for $20 each. There’s a limit of four pairs of seats and four squares of turf per person.

Even old Astros staff uniforms left behind and a few of the space helmets the grounds crew wore when the iconic building opened nearly 50 years ago will be up for grabs.

Proceeds from the event will go to the Astrodome renovation project and on Nov. 5, area voters will decide whether to approve a referendum authorizing up to $217 million in bonds to turn the stadium into a convention center and exhibition space.

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