Arian Foster stars in epic new Madden NFL 25 commercial

Earlier in the year, Arian Foster dusted off his acting chops for a cameo on the CBS show “Hawaii Five-O.”

It appears the acting bug may have bitten him as he lends his talents to the new “Madden NFL 25” video game commercial.

With fellow running back Marshawn Lynch, the two transport generations playing their “fathers” who trained the future stars “to be used to school each other in Madden.”

Apparently, their fathers used some pretty crazy tactics to get the boys in tip-top shape all while sporting some pretty fancy hairdos.

Apparently, Foster built up his strength while pulling a car.

Lynch worked on his agility by outrunning a bear in literal “beast mode.”

While Lynch is known for dreaded hair, the usually bald Foster got some interesting looks, including a Kid ‘N Play hi-top fade and a balding afro.



And, as time has proven, the fathers succeeded. Their happy ending came in the form of two friends, playing video games in a hot tub with pretty women around them.

Now that’s the life.

(H/T to For The Win)