Are the Cowboys still America’s Team? America says no

Since the late 1970’s the Dallas Cowboys have been known as ‘America’s Team,’ but are they really still the favorite team of the nation?

According to the Public Policy Polling annual poll on the NFL released on Thursday, only 23 percent of participants agreed that the Cowboys deserve the label, and a strong 60 percent disagreed.

Not only are the Cowboys not seen as ‘America’s Team’ by the majority, they actually take the designation from polltakers as the least favorite NFL team with 23 percent of the vote, followed by the Bears (13 percent), Patriots (9 percent), Broncos (8 percent), Steelers (6 percent), and Giants (5 percent).

The poll wasn’t a complete failure for Jerry Jones and company though, the Cowboys still managed to come in second with 12 percent of the vote when fans were asked who is their favorite NFL team this year, just two percentage points behind the Broncos who took 14 percent of the vote.

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